Our Highlights at NADA Miami Beach, 2013

Nov 29, 2013 4:42PM

From the Editors of Phaidon Press:

This fall, Phaidon is celebrating the release of Art Cities of the Future: 21st-Century Avant-Gardes, a landmark publication that investigates burgeoning creative communities in twelve cities around the world. Forget New York, London, and Paris - there's a new group of cities that are challenging the traditional art establishment and setting today's global art agenda.

These vibrant artistic communities pop up on every continent: São Paulo, Bogotá, San Juan, and Vancouver in the Americas; Cluj in Europe; Istanbul, Delhi, Seoul, and Singapore in Asia; and Lagos and Johannesburg in Africa.

We hope that as you visit NADA Miami Beach 2013, you will pay special attention to the current and historic outputs of these twelve Art Cities, along with other offerings from a new city piquing our interest: Tallinn, Estonia.

Phaidon's Selection:

Erika Verzutti, Abalone, 2013, at Misako + Rosen

Based in São Paulo, Erika Verzutti is one of eight Brazilian artists selected by curator Kiki Mazzucchelli in Art Cities of the Future. Verzutti’s sculpture makes reference to modern art, ordinary life, and the natural world.

Aline Cautis, Tweaked, 2013, at SABOT

Aline Cautis may be based in Los Angeles, but from 2010 to 2011 she participated in a residency with SABOT gallery at the Paintbrush Factory, one of Cluj’s most progressive and important artistic centers.

Etel Adnan, Untitled, at Callicoon Fine Arts

Etel Adnan may now be in her eighties and living primarily in Paris, but she is undeniably one of the pioneers of the contemporary Beirut scene. Her work continues to be an important voice and inspiration to up-and-coming artists in the city.

Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Matador, 2012, at House of Voltaire

Interdisciplinary artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla both hail from other points of the globe but work in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Allora and Calzadilla represented the United States at the 2011 Venice Biennale - a choice that demonstrates the growing role of San Juan in today's art world.

Pascal Hachem, Fair Play, 2013, at Federica Schiavo Gallery

Working and residing in Beirut, sculptor Pascal Hacem is greatly influenced by life in the world around him. His work contextualizes his personal schema within the social and political realities of modern Beirut.

Do Ho Suh, Doorknob/Bathroom, 2003, at SculptureCenter

Do Ho Suh is a Korean artist born and raised in Seoul. His work explores the relationship between individuality, collectivity, and anonymity. One of Seoul’s more established figures, he represented Korea at the 2001 Venice Biennale.

Althea Thauberger, Ecce Homo, 2011, at The Apartment

Like many of her contemporaries living and working in Vancouver, the city as representational subject is absent from Althea Thauberger's highly conceptual works -- which are packed with social and political allegories. 

Kris Lemsalu, Camp of phantom stuff: mask 2, 2012, at Temnikova & Kasela

Merike Estna, A very big dark painting, 2012, at Temnikova & Kasela

Always on the lookout for the next art hubs, we’re intrigued by Estonian natives Kris Lemsalu and Merike Estna. Both are graduates of the Estonian Academy of Arts in the Baltic country's capital of Tallinn, and wee can’t help but wonder what else is brewing in this former Soviet Republic.

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