Photo e-book “Wall in the city” by Yasuo Kiyonaga

Photo Gallery Artisan
Apr 5, 2017 5:07AM

We announce that Yasuo Kiyonaga’s latest photo e-book, “Wall in the city” has just appeared on Kindle store.

“Wall in the city”  by Yasuo Kiyonaga

All kinds of information is written on the walls of time-worn cites. This information is erased and rewritten over and over, it becomes a street that makes me feel infinite.  An exclusive photo album containing 50 images carefully selected from a large number of photographs taken.

When a professional photographer tries to publish his or her own work to the public, the typical two choices are usually a photograph exhibition and a photo book publishing.

In the meantime, what Yasuo Kiyonaga is most interested in now is the photo eBooks. Personally, he has already purchased several e-books and because of its accessibility and convenience, the number of times he looks at a book is much higher than a paper photo book although we cannot put it in a bookshelf.

It is also the charm of e-Books easily overcome the barriers of the border, which is a major obstacle for paper books. He is filled with hope and joyful expectations about e-Books will be the light of the future for the photographers who are looking for a place for presentation because there are many functional possibilities in it and can be seen around the world, purchased.

Hear are some of e-books that he published before. Please try and enjoy it casually.

Photo Gallery Artisan