Photo London 2016

Photo London
Mar 22, 2016 3:38PM

Photo London 2016 brings together the world’s leading galleries in a major international photography Fair, combined with an innovative public programme supported by the LUMA Foundation.

Photo London was created to give London an international photography event befitting the city’s status as a global cultural capital. Founded in 2015, it has already established itself as a world-class photography fair and as a catalyst for London’s dynamic photography community. From the capital’s major museums, to its auction houses, galleries large and small, right into the burgeoning creative communities in the East End and South London, Photo London harnesses the city’s outstanding creative talent and brings the world’s leading photographers, curators, exhibitors, dealers and the public to celebrate photography, the medium of our time.

More information about Photo London 2016 can be found here.

Dior Fur Scarf - Jean Patchett, New York, 1951
Howard Greenberg Gallery
Photo London