More Than a Memory

Pi Artworks Istanbul/London
Sep 2, 2022 10:58AM

Gulay Semercioglu's solo exhibition "More than a memory" is an insight to Anatolian family life traced through weaving familiar motifs found on carpets and rugs particular to the region with silver and copper wires. Semercioglu offers us the unifying power of centuries old practice.

Pi Artworks İstanbul is pleased to present Gulay Semercioglu’s 7th solo exhibition with the gallery, “More than a Memory” on 14th September 2022. Semercioglu’s first solo exhibition at Pi, “Kinetic Line” was initially shown in 2006.

Semercioglu (1968) creates fields of kinetic impact, altering lines of coloured, silver and copper wire through exposure to light - a signature material and method that she has employed for more than 30 years. Blending the complexity of her craftsmanship with her artistry, she toes the line between physical, personal, and socio-political oppositions created through optical illusions. More recently, İznik tiles and Anatolian-Seljuk motifs, geometric forms and cultural symbols, appear prominently in her works. !More than a Memory” connects to our collective consciousness through weaving feeling, motifs and stories into hand-knotted carpets — made of Semercioglu’s distinctive copper and silver wires.

The show features carpets of different sizes woven by local Anatolian women, which are to be exhibited for the first time. They are the product of difficult and meticulous effort, that challenged even the most experienced of weavers and that took Semercioglu many years to finally realise. The exhibition also includes a kilim, over three meters long, that was woven at a local factory – a first in terms the artist’s hands-on career. Once complete however, Gulay Semercioglu interfered with the machine-made carpet, flipping it and using her signature weaving technique to disrupt its uniformity.

Across the show, traditional Anatolian motifs are singled out and elevated. These symbols of family unity, happiness, health, fertility and protection, offer clues and insight, telling the story of Anatolian family life.

Serving as a continuation of Semercioglu’s 2015 exhibition: “Women on Wire” (Pi Artworks London), “More than a Memory” will run until 29 October 2022 at Pi Artworks İstanbul.

A selection of Gulay Semercioglu’s latest works will also be on exhibit in LACMA, Los Angeles, USA at “Women Defining Women”. This exhibition will be moved to Phoenix Museum, USA in 2024. Pi Artworks Istanbul is open to visit on Tuesday - Saturday between 10:30 and 19:00. For detailed information, interview and images please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Pi Artworks Istanbul/London