September News

Plus One Gallery
Sep 14, 2017 2:03PM

As we approach the end of summer we wanted to take a look at all the  exciting events coming up this Autumn, alongside some of our favourite  picks for the colder months. We will be showcasing artists that capture  the mood and light of this time and offer events to see you right  through to Christmas!

Elena Molinari ‘Fall Leaves’, 97 x 146 cm, Oil on canvas

From left: Steve Smulka ‘True Blue’, 86 x 107 cm, Oil on canvas. Glen Semple ‘Afternoon Tea’, 90 x 120 cm, Acrylic on canvas

From left: Tom Betts ‘Mohave Sands and Cups’, 40.5 x 40.5 cm, Oil on panel. Tom Betts ‘Laguna Waves and Cups’, 40.5 x 40.5 cm, Oil on panel 

David Finnigan ‘Telstar’ 120 x 160 cm, Oil on linen

‘Telstar’ will be featured in Hedge Magazine click HERE to view his interview.

Coming this Autumn

Autumn Group Show

20th September – 4th November 2017

Jaques Bodin ‘Repaire de Bacchus’ Oil on canvas

Join us this autumn to view new works by  gallery artists at the Autumn Group Show. The exhibition will showcase  the talented mix of artist we have in the gallery – from still life  painters to sculptors of the human form. It will run all through Autumn  up until the winter months and is the perfect thing to see you through  this transitional season.

Works featured will include paintings  from over 20 artists including the colourful, playful mixed media works  by artist Nourine Hammad, the cool, classic still lifes of Steve Smulka  and the wonderful flower studies of Glen Semple.

Click HERE for more information.

Affordable Art Fair

19th – 22nd October 2017

Francesco Stile ‘Disco’, 70 x 110 cm, Oil on canvas

We are excited the announce are  attendance at the Autumn Affordable Art Fair in Battersea. This will be  the first year we have taken part in the fair and we are excited to show  off the more affordable works we have in the gallery.

For more information please click here

Javier Banegas: Solo Show

8th November – 2nd December 2017

Javier Banegas ‘Shavings Pink and Turquoise’, 95 x 190 cm, Oil on board

Plus One Gallery is  pleased to present the solo exhibition for Spanish artist Javier Banegas  in November, this show will include many new paintings based around his  specific subject matter. He is known for producing close-up still life  depictions of items, that have been altered by the presence of humans.  He explores the interaction with these items and, whether it is the  shavings from a pencil or paint pots left without lids, gives the  impression that someone, somewhere is not quite finished. The  monumentality Banegas creates by enlarging objects, stimulates the  viewer to appreciate the inner beauty and meaning of the mundane.

Click HERE for more information.

Volker Kohn Solo Show: Solo Show

6th December 2017 – 6th January 2018

Volker Kuhn ‘Homage to Matisse (little cow)’, 68 x 79 cm, Mixed media

In December, we will  exhibit the playful works of Volker Kuhn, be sure to visit this  exhibition for an entertaining insight into the humorous artists mind!  Kuhn pays tribute to many of the Masters within his 3D boxes as well as  creating inventive scenes depicting all kinds of situations. A great  show to squeeze in before the festive period.

Click HERE for more information.

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