Works to Watch : Angus McEwan

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Apr 10, 2017 2:35PM

'Looking for the Sun', 52.5 x 63.5cm, Watercolour on paper

Over the past 30 years Angus McEwan has become entranced by the materiality of his medium as well as his subject. He enjoys exploring textures and surfaces with watercolour and has grown fond of anything which is transient in our environment. The fugitive nature of life, and in fact of all things, means everything is constantly in a state of flux and McEwan aims to capture those moments through his paintings.   Focusing on solely using watercolour, McEwan describes his love for the medium...

“I love the vibrancy, its matt quality, its ability to dry quickly and its calligraphic quality as well as the capacity to allow me to express myself clearly in the manner that suits my personality.”

Although, he does not utilise the medium in the traditional sense, McEwan uses multiple layers of pure colour to develop strength of tone and colour that provides him with the quality of detail not normally associated with watercolour.

“Watercolour helps me to develop that crisp, sharp quality that I enjoy using which is perfect for describing the transient nature of my subject matter.”

– Angus McEwan

'On a Broken Path', 74 x 100 cm, Watercolour on paper

'Out of Steam', 50 x 35.5cm, Watercolour on paper.                                      'Out of the Box!', 63.5 x 55cm, Watercolour on paper

'Rest Stop', 95 x 70 cm, Watercolour on paper

McEwan has won many awards throughout his career, including the John Blockley Prize and the Shenzhen International Watercolour Biennial, in China. His most recent prize was winning the May Marshall Brown award at the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in watercolours (RSW), Edinburgh, 2015. McEwen’s work is in many private collections throughout the United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Turkey, Italy, China and North America.

For more information on Angus McEwan and his avaialbe works visit here: or email [email protected]

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