Lee Leenam exhibited in the Panmunjom Peace House during Inter-Korean Summit

Pontone Gallery
Oct 8, 2018 12:21PM

Lee Leenam stands in front of his work "The Way to Peace"

Pontone Gallery artist Lee Leenam stands proudly in front of his monumental artwork "The Way to Peace" which was exhibited in the Panmunjom Peace House during the Inter-Korean Summit in April. Like many of his other digital masterpieces, this 8-screen work serves as a contemporary reinterpretation of an historic painting by Jeong Seon titled Geumgang Jeondo, or "General View of Mt. Geumgangsan" (1734, Joseon Dynasty). Mt. Geumgangsan, located in North Korea, is depicted as seen from South Korea, which symbolises the natural harmony of the landscapes, exemplifies the inherent connection that exists on the peninsula, and demonstrates hope for an anticipated peace between the two countries.

Leaders and Press meet in front of "The Way to Peace"

Lee Leenam exhibited at Pontone Gallery from 4 October - 4 November 2018, along with fellow South Korean artist, Hwang Seontae.

Pontone Gallery