As a part of his EMS N(art)rative, Eric Minh Swenson Documents "Fierce Generosity"

Porch Gallery
Aug 5, 2016 6:46PM

Eric Minh Swenson, writing for his ongoing photojournalism survey of art exhibition openings titled EMS N(art)rative, reports on Porch Gallery Ojai’s ongoing collaboration with the CGB Foundation,

“Ultimately, I embrace the hopes of Porch Gallery Ojai and The Carolyn GlasoeBailey Foundation in bringing a new attitude to the region, an attitude that forms a coalition with Santa Barbara down to San Diego and beyond in making Ojai arts not only unique but has it’s special place in arts history. ”

Guests at the VIP Dinner at the Thacher House, 4424 Thacher Road, Ojai Hosted by Alan Polsky. Photo by EMS.

"Fierce Generosity"Artists' Reception. Photo by EMS.

Eric Minh Swenson's article, New Art Foundation in Ojai Bears Fruit through LA’s Art Expansion, begins:

"As Los Angeles’ art scene becomes more internationalized with mega galleries from London to Berlin to Manhattan setting up tentpoles throughout, not to mention the new trust fund galleries of limitless wealth saturating the city with weekly calendars choked of world class exhibitions, it’s no surprise that the city’s influence will spread. Like rolling wild fires to Orange County to Palm Desert to Lancaster, it’s only appropriate a small nestled town of Ojai reaps the new zeitgeist. Just south of Santa Barbara and near the coast of Ventura, Ojai is known as a Shangra La, an oasis of relaxing and healing. Its spas are legendary. What Ojai has in abundance (healthy living, great food, gentle lifestyle) they lack in commercialization. There’s no Starbucks, no fast food, no Gap, no Tiffany’s, and no contemporary art scene like Palm Springs, Laguna beach, La Jolla, and perhaps, Costa Mesa.

Then there’s the phenomena of singularity (a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change.) Singularity or the dawn of contemporary arts in Ojai may have started before we knew it. Porch Girls Productions, owned by Heather Stobo and Lisa Casoni, officially took over management of Porch Gallery in May of 2013. The Porch Gallery Ojai is located in a historic building in downtown Ojai at 310 E. Matilija Street. Stobo and Casoni are eager to create a contemporary art scene in Ojai..."

You can read the full article in the Huffington Post here.

Porch Gallery