Announcing the Sixth Edition of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair

Aug 9, 2019 5:32PM

Image courtesy POSITIONS Berlin & Clara Wenzel-Theiler

The sixth edition of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair will take place from September 12 - 15, 2019 at Tempelhof Airport.

The POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair invites about 70 international galleries to present their most important positions from contemporary and modern art during the Berlin Art Week. In 2019, POSITIONS Berlin will once again take place in Hangar 4 of Berlin Tempelhof Airport, Europe's largest architectural monument, the site of the Berlin Airlift and more than 50 years of civil aviation, which has long been a symbol of freedom and a stage for cosmopolitanism and international exchange. In September, it will be transformed into a hotspot for art and, with its monumental architecture and eventful history, will offer an auratic setting for artistic presentations. With an attractive supporting programme, special exhibitions and other events, the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair provides the ideal setting to welcome international visitors to Berlin Art Week 2019. POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair is an official partner of the Berlin Art Week, which presents selected exhibition openings from major Berlin museums and institutions such as KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlinische Galerie, Gropius Bau, Hamburger Bahnhof and also Berlin´s numerous private museums.

During the fair, the outdoor area of Hangar 4 will become a special setting for a curated sculpture park. Here, the "Open Air POSITIONS", large-format works, will integrate the airport with its unique significance for Berlin in a specific way.

With "Academy POSITIONS" by Berlin Hyp, the fair presents selected works by graduates of German and Polish art academies. Young artists are given the opportunity to present their works to the numerous international visitors of the Berlin Art Week. Gallery owners, collectors and art lovers are offered the rare opportunity to discover a new generation of artists at an early stage of their artistic careers.

With "Selected POSITIONS" there will be a curated special exhibition in Hangar 4 that will enable prospective collectors to enter the art market. In this special section, works of art measuring a maximum of 50 x 50 cm and costing less than 1,900 euros will be exhibited. This year again, the supporting programme of the fair will include performances, talks and book presentations. Together with the long-term cooperation partner Berlin Hyp, a prize will be awarded at the fair. Meanwhie, the solo exhibition of the Berlin-based artist Lukas Glinkowski, winner of the Berlin Hyp Prize 2018 (together with Martin Voigt from Leipzig) will be shown in the Hyp Foyer at Budapester Straße (Tiergarten).

As part of the "Friday Night POSITIONS", the Berlin-based galleries of the fair will open their exhibitions on Friday evening until 9 pm.