Sailing Downwind - Cheng Chung-chuan's Life Philosophy

Powen Gallery
Oct 13, 2019 5:47AM

Being lively and avant-garde, Cheng Chung-chuan was a key person during her time at the Fine Arts Department of the National Taiwan Normal University (1952-1956). The male society at that time highlighted the uniqueness of Cheng Chung-chuan.

Cheng Chung-chuan's paintings rarely have straight-line strokes, and the arc-shaped curves (streamlines), which are similar to airflow or water flow, continue beyond the standard canvas sizes.

After graduating, she moved to Japan. Because the patriarchal society placed restrictions on women, Cheng Chung-chuan was extremely frustrated. However, her heart and mind are just like her paintings: there is no wall to stop her. Sailing downwind, it is still bright and glorious.

Queen of the Night, acrylic on canvas, 50x65 cm, 201

Powen Gallery