Disney's Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs

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Apr 24, 2017 1:35PM

Disney’s first full-length animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remains one of the most iconic Walt Disney films, and for its time, the most innovative feature length animation. It has been brought back to life as the inspiration behind Dominic Harris’ new artwork. This new work displays these characters in an impressive technologically advanced interactive art object that can be enjoyed by all.

Dominic Harris
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs | Full Set, 2015
Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

Snow White

The first of the iconic “Disney Princesses,” Snow White is caring, resilient, optimistic and sweet natured. Her kindness and positive attitude enamour those around her.

The embodiment of her within this work was achieved through engagements that emphasised these characteristics. As the viewer passes, the princess curtseys, twirls and blows kisses, showcasing her easy-natured and friendly personality.


Although he’s the Dwarfs’ leader, affable Doc is a dithery fellow who takes charge with more eagerness than effectiveness. Absentminded Doc is easily flustered, mixing up his words when things get lazy — er — crazy.

Doc is animated in a confident manner. Initial engagement is brought on by him cleaning his glasses or pointing directly at the viewer. As leader, he often takes charge of all matters, but can be quick to anger and show his pompous nature if out of his depth or no longer in control.


A cockeyed pessimist, Grumpy would say he’s just realistic — especially about “wimmin!” The other Dwarfs and Snow White ignore his negative attitude, sensing that there’s warmth beneath his crust exterior. Though he does his best to hide his affection, even Grumpy is soon captivated by Snow White’s charm.

He remains annoyed at having to stand and pose, often turning his back away from the viewer then folding his arms and refusing to play along. In response to a continued and persistent viewer, Grumpy will stick out his tongue and move away. Contrary to the other dwarfs, he is reluctant to imitate and will only pretend to engage in interaction.


Everything is a joke to Happy. Even chubbier than lovable old Doc, Happy is always ready with a belly laugh — a fact that annoys Grumpy immensely.

A protruding rounded belly is a defining characteristic of this dwarf. As he stands tall and proud, the reflection of the viewer can be seen in is his plump tummy, as he laughs and jiggles to entertain. His movements are full of life and similar to Dopey he dynamically claps, waves, laughs and points out to the viewer.

INDIVIDUAL dwarf sold out


Dozing his way through life, Sleepy is so relaxed he can snooze anywhere, anytime and in any position. But when Snow White’s in danger, even this champion napper can stay awake! His movements and gestures are slow, often not reacting to Sneezy’s violent sneezing outbursts. He can be oblivious to those in front of him often looking ahead, dewy eyed and passive. Sleepy does exactly what he is meant to do, sleep!


Just as his name implies, Bashful is a stammering, gulping bundle of blushes. While Snow White’s attention delights Bashful, it’s almost more than he can handle without falling apart!

His interaction is moderate, as his shyness often overrides his ability to be playful with the viewer. He looks away biting his fingers, then attempts to wave and jumps shyly to maintain the viewers interest, but soon looks down to the ground in embarrassment.


Sneezy’s kerchoos shake walls, rattle windows and send his fellow Dwarfs diving for cover. Luckily, he gives plenty of warning by working up to the final explosions with very funny false starts.

His sneezes are powerful and of gale force capacity, which can blow away anything in its path. As a result, other dwarfs are quick to react individually, they often brace themselves to stay still and not get blown over. These narrative interactions are a playful addition to the user interactivity.


The youngest dwarf, Dopey is innocence personified. Always tripping over his sleeves and trailing behind the others, Dopey communicates with sign language, ear wiggling and cheerful nods. The world’s a playground to Dopey, who embodies childhood’s joyfulness, and only the loss of Snow White can make him lose his lopsided grin.

Dopey is constantly moving and finds it hard to stay still. He jumps and bounces around even when alone. Often waiting for the next viewer to come over and play with him. Enjoying the attention of those that pass by, Dopey puts on his usual comical performance for the crowd; fooling about and pulling poses for his audience. Moments of heightened excitement are shown through his manic waving of both hands.

Individual dwarf sold out

Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design