Take a look at Dominic Harris' works

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Jan 6, 2017 8:54AM

Dominic Harris is known for his exceptional digital art. His artworks exhibit an on-going fascination between the marriage of significant and beautiful concepts. To give the perfect impression about his works, you need to see it. Videos are a perfect manner to show you more about its interaction. 

Disney’s first full-length animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remains one of the most iconic Walt Disney films, and for its time, the most innovative feature length animation. It has been brought back to life as the inspiration behind Dominic Harris’ new artwork. This new work displays these characters in an impressive technologically advanced interactive art object that can be enjoyed by all.

“Feathers” presents the the lightness of each feather dispersed into the air, in a celebration of their delicacy form and function. Each unique, and yet collectively considered one of the most powerful natural objects of all time.

Ocean waves fascinate scientists and as a familiar phenomenon are appreciated in music, painting and photography by the public. Harris gives an insight into the uniqueness of each wave and celebrates the natural beauty that brings both calm and devastation to our lives. Presented as a minimal graphic of moving white dots, it forms the complex and constantly changing pattern of peaks and troughs that glide across the shore. The viewer’s presence allows for interactive interference and as the dot pattern are manipulated in density and movement, so too is the strength of the waves.

The Artwork is a ‘son et lumiére’ geometric exploration of light and form that plays upon Harris’ background as an architect. Within the piece the Artist has turned his attention to the historically rich Beaux‐Art façade of the Grand Palais in Paris.

Continuing with recreating the natural world through digital means, Harris presents his new series Bloomed. A study of twenty plants where the artworks allow themselves to be subtly influenced by onlookers. While some of Harris’s other artworks inspire direct interaction Bloomed plays on the nature of a classical still life, an artwork often associated with quiet room dressing, with small movements and changes as the people present pass by. 

The 20 plants have been selected by the artist for their beauty, structure and unique features.

Surreal, alluring, unattainable; just a few ways to describe the world’s deserts. Their charm and complexity are one of the planets truly unique natural creations. 

Dominic Harris has taken his characteristic play on reality, depicting scenes that at first might appear to be windows into the truly remarkable eco-systems, wildlife and natural occurrences within the desert.

Jungled expands upon the artist’s previous interactive environment found in the “Deep Blue” interactive aquarium, but this time with the focus on investigating the mesmerising beauty of a slice of re-imagined jungle. At first all might appear to be normal, perhaps even video of a jungle. But as the viewer becomes drawn into the piece, their movements and interactions begin to directly play with the presented environment as it begins to reveal previously hidden details. 

Conductor is highly interactive and allows the participant to take on the role of an invisible but omnipotent celestial force manipulating the orbits of the planets with a variety of gestures. As the planets align, the feedback comes in the form of a dynamic soundtrack which grows ever more complex as the player’s gestures become more pronounced.

Four States “4K” is an interactive artwork conceived as a representation of our dynamic relationship with the elemental states of matter. 

The Interactive Aquarium is an ambient interactive video artwork that provides a simulation of underwater marine environments in which various fish species respond in real-time to the movement of the viewer in front of the artwork. This special edition is made for a Dutch collector.

In Flutter Wall the viewer, presented with a lepidopterist’s cabinet of colourful butterfly specimens. Through touch the butterflies can be brought back to life, in stark comparison to the damage that the human touch would normally bring to a real butterfly. The work can quickly transform into a swarming kaleidoscope of butterflies, their frenzied flight dominating the screen before once again they choose to settle in a beautiful array of colour.

Baby Flutter is a new edition of artworks that continues Dominic’s fascination with butterflies and their beautiful forms. Each butterfly is portrayed individually within the interactively controlled artwork, and uses innovative technologies to permit the viewer to engage with the butterfly.

‘Digital Shimmer’ is a three dimensional lighting sculpture in which colour, form and perception are manipulated to achieve a mesmerising colour display.

Playing with a seemingly boundless virtual volume of coloured spheres, three dimensional movements of colour swirl through the cubic glass box. The colours and their speed of movements are choreographed to the four seasons of the year, capturing both the subtle and the more dramatic changes.

The Pacifico Ring is a chandelier that captures the rare event of a lunar eclipse within the night sky. It plays on Harris’ curiosity with light, form and perception, combining an impressive set of bespoke technologies that mimic the movements of shadow and light from this night time experience.

The Moon Chandelier is conceived as play between invisible light sources and the crescent of the moon in the sky at night. As one moves about the chandelier, at the times it appears to consist of nothing more than crystal clear balls which from within begin to reveal a never-ending beautiful array of crescent shapes generated by the LED compounds within. 

“Hummingbird” is a new artwork by Dominic Harris through which his obsession with depicting nature through innovative interactive portrayals has resulted in a complex artwork that is striking for its visual simplicity and crisp elegance. The hummingbird is one of the nimble and agile small birds and is known for the fashion in which it seeks outs nectar from plants whilst hovering. In “Hummingbird” the flight of this fantastic bird is controlled interactively by the movement of the viewer in front of the artwork.

The artwork is inspired by Man Ray photograms and scientific simulations of biogeochemical cycles and speculates on the supervenience of systems on different scales. As a triptych, three phase states of water are depicted in pinpoint quality, and optical behaviours coalescing with motions pertaining to state.

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