Sep 18, 2013 4:21AM

"Null" Street-art project by "13" (Pavel Kostyrev) & art-group Prosto

"Officially - they never existed. Soviet Union to respect the terms of an international convention to ban experiments on human beings. Forty years of information on them was classified. They are not on TV, and photos not published in the newspapers. Space Test squad. Everything they do astronauts in orbit, space testers were on the ground. Someone did not maintain the heart. Someone went crazy. Someone disabled. The name of the first cosmonaut know everything. Yuri Gagarin. Name astronaut number zero, nobody knows. All that had to do astronauts in space, cosmonaut number "zero" a hundred times practiced on the ground. "(C) e / f" Cosmonaut number "zero".Usually the whole street-art, space-related, is dedicated to astronauts who fly to space. This work is dedicated to all the astronauts, who all his life preparing for the flight, but never flew.Burnt figure symbolizes Valentin Bondarenko, who was burned alive in surdobarokamere."Zero" the astronauts - are exactly the same characters as those who have flown in space. Their exploits and sacrifices are not forgotten!

art-group Prosto: http://vk.com/prosto_ekb

art-group Prosto (Tumblr):http://www.tumblr.com/blog/thegolo

13: http://vk.com/id16485994

Anton Berezin (video): http://antonberezin.ru

Daria Goldman  ”studio ZickZack” (help with the production): http://vk.com/ZZMEDIA