Raúl Ortega Ayala on Art Viewer

May 31, 2017 3:45PM

Raul Ortega Ayala, Melting Pots (a Fiction Based on Facts) from the series Food for Thought, (2006) Installation with found documentation: video, food, archive images, kitchenware, wood table, map. Variable dimensions. Image courtesy of the artist and PROYECTOSMONCLOVA

To eat is to respond to need in the form of hunger and desire in the form of appetite.InFood for ThoughtRaúl Ortega Ayala serves up a visceral response to scenes of the gastronomically grotesque that occurs when alimentary consumption is decoupled from the need much less desire for food. The result of a three year long anthropological-like process of embedding himself in the food business, Ortega Ayala revels in the ecstatic psychology of action disassociated from reason, and offers the body as sensory receptor of the pleasures derived from the “gustatory abject”.

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