Interview with: Oscar Tuazon

Public Art Fund
Feb 20, 2013 8:27PM

Oscar Tuazon's People is currently on view at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Andria Hickey: Often, the creation of your work involves a process of improvisation or experimentation. With this series, the works were planned farther in advance. Does this cause you to think more about the utilitarian “thingness” of these works and their playfulness? Can you talk about how you conceived of these works?

Oscar Tuazon: One of the things I was thinking about, of course, was creating spaces for people. So to me, the works each have an improvisatory character—not in how they were made but in that they will be ‘completed’ by other people and experienced in lots of different ways. And the utilitarian aspect of the works is really interesting to me. It’s a way for the works to shift in and out of visibility. I like the idea that from a distance you might see them as sculptures, but if you’re sitting down on the structure or playing basketball on it, that isn’t relevant anymore.

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