ROJO by David Quiles Guilló

Jun 4, 2013 9:30PM

How Kimberly Lloyd and David Quiles Guilló met

I met David in the summer of 2004 in Barcelona for the CMYK International Magazine Festival and then later we curated a symposium for ARCO in Madrid. I have never seen David resting. I have always known him as an inspiration, a mover, a shaker, a business man, and a curious soulmate.

David was based in Barcelona (Spain) for 15 years. In 2008 David moved to Sao Paulo (Brazil) to settle in his new family home. He graduated from ISM Barcelona in 1996 as 2nd best with his promotion in Business Administration, and coursed a master in marketing strategies in the same institution, all at the same year while working on his BA.

David has been working as long as he himself can remember: from shoe and apparel apprentice to head designer of the entire olympic equipment for all sport disciplines of the Spanish Olympic Team in Barcelona 92 Olympic Games. He was responsible for establishing a large Spanish sports company branch in Brazil with a minimum to no budget, to later becoming the president of the same company branch which gross-profited more than 2 Million USD per year selling high quality soccer shoes.

David has been always looking forward to new goals, so he moved out of the sports apparel business and launched his very own advertising agency in Barcelona, in which he worked as a Creative Director since the end of 2000. He then decided to quit all his international clients in order to develop his most personal project - ROJO® - and that is  when David and I met. I was impressed at his mission statement. ROJO® aimed to promote and support international young and unknown artists from all disciplines and that solely.

Since ROJO® was born, in March 2001, David Quiles Guilló has created an international emotional working structure of more than 40 associated directors and more than 1000 artists aka contributors, a distribution network in more than 30 countries. David has edited all 40 issues of the ROJO® magazine, produced 2 issues of the RUGA® magazine DVD, edited 41 monographic ROJO® artist books, produced more than100 art exhibitions, promoted more than 600 events worldwide as well as created different formats and special events to explore different media.

Have you done more?

The largest of the events to date is NOVA, a contemporary culture event/festival hosted for the first time in MIS - Museum of Image and Sound in June 2010, and which has seen 5 different editions since then - in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Belo Horizonte, being one of the largest, all held in four different cities simultaneously. An event which also made David jump into other unexpected areas of creation like film, where he produced and co-directed NOVA the film, a full length documentary on contemporary art and the artists behind it, which lead to other film projects like SHIMA, for which David wrote his first script, and it is soon to be released, and PORTMANTEAU, a film set to be filmed in July 2013 in Iceland.

I consider him as a great teacher too.

David Quiles Guillo has given lectures about creative networks and processes in Instituto Cervantes - New York City (USA), International Art Fair ARCO - Madrid (Spain), Hagaram Design Museum in Seoul (Korea), Elisava School for Arts Barcelona (Spain), University of Cuenca (Ecuador), CESC Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), European Cultural Foundation in Rotterdam (Netherlands), University of Malaga (Spain), Casino Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Instituto Europeo Di Design - Madrid (Spain), Instituto Cervantes - Casablanca (Morocco),  Museum of Image and Sound (Brazil) and Cerveira Creative Camp (Portugal) among many others.

Lately David felt again the urge to start new projects, and created 2 new initiatives: THE WRONG, a new digital art biennale, which opens in November 2013. LINDO KILLER, a fashion brand which only produces one of a kind pieces, and which David aims to take to the next level on a global scale.

David masters Spanish, English and Portuguese. He speaks Catalan, Mallorquí and Valencian fluently.He also has basic understandings in French and Italian and no idea of Japanese, like me, but we will both learn it someday soon.


David Quiles GuillóBorn in 1973 in Elche (Spain). Lives between Spain, Italy and Brazil, married to Graziela and a proud dad to Olivia and Martina.


Photography courtesy of Saul Tiff