The Young Never Sleep

Nov 7, 2013 6:54PM

Although Branden Collins has been fascinated by the arts for most of his life, he only got a real glimpse into the scope of where art and design could take him when he became a part of the creative team that produced the packaging for Spectrum, the 2008 EP from singer/songwriter Brittany Bosco. 

The all-too recognizable gold packaging laid the foundation for a number of collaborations within the local Atlanta music scene as well as work for clients like Urban Outfitters, Bones Magazine, Eide Magazine and grammy nominated artist, Miguel. 

In 2011, Branden Collins had the great fortune of taking on a full-time position at Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, keeping him busy helping steer the direction of projects like San Diego Comic-Con, the Adult Swim Singles Program and the network's 20th Anniversary Celebration.

In spite of his full-time obligations, Branden nevertheless makes time for more personal, explorative work. Around the same time he was brought on with Cartoon Network, Branden began forming the foundation of what is now "The Young Never Sleep" studio. The studio is driven by the benefits of collaboration with like-minded peers and has become the vehicle allowing Branden to dive even deeper into a number of disciplines ranging in everything from accessory and product design to photography, print and illustration. With his most recent undertaking, a series of ongoing "micro-films" entitled Pandrogeny, Branden continues to push the boundaries of his own creativity and personal identity through costume design, storytelling, sound design & studies in short format film.

With a penchant for curation driven by a wide diversity of interests and a seemingly insatiable desire to create, it seems that, for Branden, there's little time for sleep.