Doctor T. J. Eckleburg

Russian American Cultural Center of New York
Dec 29, 2013 9:25PM

The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, a literary and arts journal housed at Johns Hopkins University, interviews Dmitry Borshch (an excerpt):

What moves you as an artist? 

I find moving whatever helps me to begin or finish a picture.  It may cease to move me tomorrow, be totally unmoving to someone else today, but I am always willing to be moved by anything that contributes to the picture-making effort.

What motivated you to make the works that are posted to Eckleburg?

I distinguish between narrow and broad motivations, which may not always interact.  The second type of motivation is a desire to speak as an artist -- silence, especially artistic, is painful.  The first involves being challenged by narrower, often technical problems – arranging successfully a group or one-figure portrait, succeeding as a landscapist, still-life painter.

Why are all of your pieces in blue and white? 

Blue harmonizes with the very white paper I like to draw on better than other colors.  But not all my pieces are blue; 'Odalisque in Red Satin Pantaloons (after Matisse)' and some others are red.

Why is Odalisque red and white?

I tried to connect this picture not only with Odalisque à la culotte de satin rouge, Matisse’s lithograph, but also his famous painting L'Atelier Rouge, both in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.  Hopefully, the red I chose for this drawing will be seen as harmonious with the paper’s white.

Russian American Cultural Center of New York
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