Henry Kissinger is 90

"Doctor Kissinger", also called "In seine Hand die Macht gegeben" 2012, ink on paper, 32 x 17 inches

"I asked Ed Koch to recommend me as a portraitist to Henry Kissinger, and he did. Kissinger’s secretary informed me in late October of 2011 that he could meet me for 20 or so minutes in Greenwich, CT. We met there in early November of that year and I quickly sketched him. About 3 months later the portrait was finished. I sent Dr. Kissinger a photograph of it and invited him to my studio. He promised to visit… Both his portrait and that of Koch belong to a series called "Iconography". Inspired by prints after Anthony van Dyck’s drawings which collectively bear the same name, it includes portraits of living artists, writers, politicians, distinguished soldiers." Dmitry Borshch