My Highlights from The Salon: Art + Design 2014

Rafael de Cárdenas
Nov 3, 2014 3:54PM

Somewhat by accident, the pieces and objects I chose all seem quite elegant and formally restrained except for one detailed aspect—whether it be the intricately tooled surface of the small pillbox or the hard structural angles of the Rietveld chairs. Interestingly, as a selection, the pieces seem quite contemporary when in fact many are close to 100 years old. I think it's interesting how many of these now classics have seemed contemporary, classic and trail-blazing for most of their histories.

I love this selection in short, and I love it all together. The Big Plug is more a guilty pleasure…bacon cheeseburger. 

My Selection:

Box, 2013
Adrian Sassoon

Kueng CaputoStool for Michelangelo, 2014, at Salon 94

Stool for Michelangelo, 2014
Salon 94

Oscar NiemeyerTwo-seat sofa for the SESC hotel, 1990, at R & Company

Two-seat sofa for the SESC hotel, 1990, 2007
R & Company

Gerrit Thomas RietveldZig Zag chairs, 1950s, at Modernity

Zig Zag chairs, 1950s
Deck chairs, 1937
Galerie Downtown - François Laffanour

Konstantin Grcic“Karbon”, 2008, at Galerie kreo

"Karbon", 2008
Galerie kreo

Wieki Somers“Frozen Lantern”, 2010, at Galerie kreo

Christophe CômeRed Side table, 2014, at Cristina Grajales Gallery

Ettore SottsassCup “Murmansk”, 1982, at Fine Art Silver

Jean DunandVase, ca. 1925, at DeLorenzo Gallery

Vase, ca. 1925
DeLorenzo Gallery

Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann“Bas Ducharne” table, ca. 1926, at DeLorenzo Gallery

"Bas Ducharne" table, ca. 1926
DeLorenzo Gallery

Yonel Lebovici“Fiche Mâle” lamp, 1978, at Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

Rafael de Cárdenas