Marilyn Monroe - The One and Only

Rafael Salazar
Dec 11, 2013 5:23AM

Marilyn Monroe - The One and Only

Artist: Rafael Salazar 

Copyright 2013 - All rights reserved.

I feel I'm just getting started said to George Barris in Marilyn: Her Life In Her Own Words. 

No one looked like her. No one walked like her. No one talked like her. 

Sexy yet vulnerable, and unexpectedly talented, she was no ordinary screen goddess. 

Few really knew her. 

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s Norma Jeane Mortenson born June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962

Rafael Salazar
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