Sensual Fire

Rafael Salazar
Aug 26, 2013 4:57PM

Rafael's interpretation of Fire awakens the senses with a mysterious dance of colors that play music silently creating a sensual rithm. 

Strong yet soft colors magically involve your senses caressing your imagination with the warmth of the ever hypnotic spell of fire. A soothing visual display. 

This force that is so Sensual and destructive at the same time. 

We fear it yet we are drawn to it with incredible fascination. 

An admired contradiction! 

We need fire for our basic needs: to give us warmth during cold winter nights, to cook our daily food, to give us light, to renovate the eco system in the forest. 

As one of the fifth elements in Feng Shui, fire is an essential element in home design. 

We always look for homes which have a fireplace that makes the room feel more romantic during those special occasions and the favorite place to gather the family at Christmas time, hang the stockings filled with Goodies and the center of attraction above the mantel to showcase that very special piece of artwork "Sensual Fire". 

Featured in: Beauty Captured 11/23/2013

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Rafael Salazar
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