Chicken or Egg: What came first -- the painting or the couch?

Rebecca Bronfein Raphael
Apr 30, 2013 7:38PM

Incorporating art into my home is one of my favorite design challenges. In fact, it's not so much a challenge and more of a treat (see picture wall at right). I've learned after years of renting, of moving, and of marrying that art does not need to match your couch or your rug and it doesn't even need to complement a room's purpose - why not hang a neon over your bed? We all grew up with night lights, right? A work by Tracey Emin would certainly take that time honored tradition to the next level.

As a self-proclaimed design junkie, I unwind at the end of the day by reading design blogs and creating Pinterest boards to track my wish list of items. From paint colors and wallpaper to credenzas and bookcases to throw pillows and Moroccan poufs. More and more, I'm delighted to read and to see that my design "friends" online are featuring artists in their own posts and acknowledging artwork as an integral element in their design scheme.

For starters, Domaine recently featured artist Simone Shubuck whose solo exhibition of new work is currently on view at Taylor de Cordoba's new space in Culver City in LA. 

Last week, Ann Street Studio took us inside the studios of Faile, Jose Parla, and Emily Noelle Lambert.

And of course, there is the lovely designer/collector/author/friend Maria Brito, who just gets it!

As our friends at One Kings Lane say "design is never done" and the same is true of collecting art. Considering that both are constantly evolving, it's a good thing they don't have to match!

Rebecca Bronfein Raphael