How Much Do You Love Me?

Rebecca Bronfein Raphael
Feb 13, 2013 3:55PM

Forget the flowers and the chocolates this Valentine's Day. I'd much rather unwrap one of these artworks instead.

Kate Eric's surreal "kissing" creatures are at the top of my list and are well-priced at $4,500. Andrew Moore's romantic and melancholy depictions of abandoned ballrooms start at $6,000 for a 30 x 40 inch print. 

A sensuous image by legendary Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama could be mine for £3,500. Thierry Cohen's sparkling representation of Los Angeles makes me nostalgic for the city where I met my husband. $11,500 seems a small price to pay for a lifetime of love.

I'm mesmerized by Gideon Rubin's Class of 1947 (prom). A collection of 12 portraits for $40,000. Anonymous yet familiar all at once, I believe they call that love at first sight.

Rebecca Bronfein Raphael