Dual Exhibition: We Just Keep on Travelling Further and Ngura Kutjupa, Tjukurpa Kutju/Different Country, One Story

ReDot Fine Art Gallery
Sep 24, 2014 8:13AM

ReDot Fine Art Gallery proudly invites you to an exhibition of exceptional 3D works from two of Australia’s foremost Aboriginal owned art centres, Ernabella Arts (Inc.) and Yarrenyty-Arltere Artists, in what will represent the first ever showing of ceramic and soft sculptural works in Singapore.

We will be hosting a dual exhibition, showcasing the sublime talents of the ceramic artists of Ernabella alongside the quirky and iconic soft sculptures of the artists of Yarrenyty-Arltere in a show with a double title, We Just Keep on Travelling Further and Ngura Kutjupa, Tjukurpa Kutju/Different Country, One Story.

Ceramic works for the show will be created in Singapore during a residency at the Dragon Kiln Studios in Thow Kwang during the month of October and the exhibition will coincide and be part of the Awaken the Dragon festival which opens on the 17th of November.

The first exhibition of pottery from Ernabella were works made in Adelaide, at the JamFactory and after six or so years of working with them Ernabella were able to set up their own studio, converting an old screen-printing room in 2003.  Since then the practice of ceramic making has gone from strength to strength culminating in a widely acclaimed residency in China in 2013, when two artists travelled to Jingdezhen, yielding several award winning creations and further cemented the reputation of this deeply rooted community of the central Australian desert. 

Yarrenyty-Arltere Artists is part of the Yarrenyty-Arltere Learning Centre (YALC), a family resource and learning facility located at Larapinta Valley Town Camp in Alice Springs. The centre aims to improve the social, health, environmental and economic well-being of the community in a way that strengthens and respects culture. The centre was initiated by the community in 2000 to respond to the very serious social problems being faced by families. The art centre has become an integral part of the centre producing some of the most highly sought after and beautifully created soft sculptures from recycled woollen blankets and other materials. The work is strongly underpinned by its own culture, that of people living in town camps for a number of generations. It speaks of country, local flora and fauna, family, cattle station and town camp life whilst also becoming highly collectable and sweeping many national art prizes as collectors and national institutions battle to acquire these whimsical delights.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, 19th November and runs till Saturday, 31st January 2015 and it is a must-see for anyone interested in hand made beautiful Indigenous 3D works of art in two opposing mediums yet harmonious in their joint connect to Indigenous ancestral heritage. 

Opening Reception: Wednesday, 26th November, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

For further information, visit www.redotgallery.com or drop a note to [email protected].

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