Rajnish Kaur, Solo Exhibition of Oil Pastels

ReDot Fine Art Gallery
Oct 30, 2014 8:22AM

ReDot Fine Art Gallery, in collaboration with Elisabeth Hutchinson, proudly invites you to a solo exhibition of exceptional works by Indian artist, Rajnish Kaur.

Born in Delhi 1967, Rajnish Kaur is one of the new generation of India’s finest contemporary artists. She received her BA and MA at Delhi College of Art and was awarded the Charles Wallace Scholarship to London’s Chelsea College of Art (Postgraduate).

After lecturing at Delhi College of Art (1994-1997) she decided to concentrate solely on her work. Her art has been exhibited internationally with 30 shows in India, London, New York, Switzerland and 8 solo shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Singapore.

Her work is dually inspired by the colour palette and decorative imagery of 18th century Indian miniature painting (which she studied) and the vitality of her immediate environment. The hustle and bustle of the vibrant market feel from her front door with its dogs and cows moving here and there, rickshaws competing for space with luxury cars, fruit and vegetable stalls and wedding shops selling garlands and beads. She brings these elements to life in her abstract works, which burst with colour and intriguing detail.

Her work is an evocation of experience and has an undeniably powerful draw. Brimming with feelings, memories and desires, it is homage to the exuberance of life and intensity of existence. Within the textured and generously applied layers you may recognise a moment of life: a perfect summer’s day, the embers of a dream, the smell of rain, the bustle of urban life or the wonder of childhood. The result is stunning art bursting with colour which is quite simply, beautiful.

We are very proud to present this major exhibition of over 50 pieces of her latest works.

The exhibition opens on Thursday, 13th October and runs till 30th November 2014.

Opening Reception: Friday, 14th November, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

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