Tjintu Kuwaritja Wiru Mulapa - A Great New Day

ReDot Fine Art Gallery
Feb 27, 2014 9:00AM

The ReDot Fine Art Gallery is very proud to welcome back, after a six year absence, the award winning artist of the Tjala Art Centre, which in recent years has gone through a major surge after bursting on the scene in the late 1990’s, as a female only art centre, with a staple of both young and old artists whom are inspiring the reclassification of the modern Indigenous art movement and the execution of oeuvres in an extremely modern and western approach, yet still remaining true to their traditional ancestral heritage. 

Tjintu Kuwaritja Wiru Mulapa - A Great New Day is a celebration of 30 outstanding new works, challenging the viewer to question previously held notions of Indigenous art and its position within today’s fast and modern contemporary art world. Typically large meandering canvases tell of complex, yet fundamental, stories of ownership and land rights fused with whimsical stories of creation handed from generation to generation.

Tjala Arts has launched the careers of several key senior artists including Wawiriya Burton, Ruby Williamson, Tjungkara Ken, Ray Ken and Hector Burton, all of whom will be exhibiting in this strong ensemble of works and the art centre has proven itself to be one with an enormous depth of talent with a core body of emerging artists quickly establishing themselves as well.

To that end several new works by recent Telstra award winner, Barbara Moore, whom develops and explores her Tjukurpa about her country in fluid almost whirlwind like patterns and bold brush stroke format, will be on show alongside other new starlets creating captivating artworks filled with artistic integrity. Known for its diverse range of styles, energetic mark making and rich colorful palate, this show will not disappoint those familiar with the history of Tjala arts.

The artwork from this art centre is represented extensively in both public and private collections within Australia and internationally, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Museum of Victoria, the Museé du Quai Branly - France, AAMU - Holland and the South Australian Museum. In addition in recent years the art centre has had a huge amount of success winning major art prize awards across the northern and western deserts of Australia as the wider audience acknowledge an amazing success story of the modern Indigenous art movement.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, 5th March and runs till Saturday, 5th April 2014 and it is a must-see for anyone interested in following the development of modern contemporary Indigenous art, from one of the Aboriginal art movements most refreshing and innovative art centres.  

ReDot Fine Art Gallery