BK art gallery celebrates 10th anniversary with new exhibit

Richard Beavers Gallery
Dec 26, 2017 5:48PM

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT -A Bed-Stuy art gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a street art exhibit.
Artist Frank Morrison is adding the finishing touches to his Urban Restoration exhibit at the Richard Beavers Gallery.
"I have a photographic memory, so basically I store things and paint them later," Morrison says.
His body of work includes spray painted graffiti murals that are a reflection of Brooklyn and the people who live there.
Morrison says the art shows how much the borough has changed over the years.
"I have to add more culture to it and authenticity because I can see a guy jogging with no shirt on. That, I would never see 10 years ago," he says.
And how this change has created a new narrative that reflects many different cultures.
Morrison says the exhibit is for all ages and addresses issues like gentrification and economic inequality.


“My work dignifies the evolution of everyday, underrepresented people and places within the urban landscape. I seek to both highlight and preserve the soul of the city through the lens of inner-city, hip-hop culture, and urban iconography. The rhythmic gesture and movement within my work balances the often gritty and decayed surfaces with vibrancy and authenticity,” - Frank Morrison

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