Frank Morrison 'Preserving the Soul of the City Through Urban Iconography'

Richard Beavers Gallery
Dec 19, 2017 1:43AM

Richard Beavers Gallery is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with the Frank Morrison exhibition called Urban Restoration, which explores the reclaiming of discourse surrounding urban environments. The purpose of the exhibit is to reclaim the foundation of “street art,” which is often the voice and the core of the the inner city.  Like Hip-Hop, art has always narrated a collective journey of resilience through survival. Urban Restoration, reasserts control of that dialogue and ignites a rebirth – paying tribute to the dynamic, hardworking, and dignified people of urban communities.

By Nickie Robinson|December 18th, 2017|Life + Culture,Sheen Magazine

“Money, Power, and Respect ” captures the spirit of youthful innocence with this carefree portrait laced with playful color tones and the nostalgic iconography of “Koolaid” in the background. Morrison’s ability to illicit movement and uniquely soulful disposition to each of his subjects, stimulate a visual rhythm that choreographs everyday urban life. This rhythmic nature stems from his early beginnings as a graffiti artist and breakdancer. Morrison preserves enduring truths by telling stories both with a nostalgic and radically authentic quality.  “My work dignifies the evolution of everyday, underrepresented people and places within the urban landscape. I seek to both highlight and preserve the soul of the city through the lens of inner-city, hip-hop culture, and urban iconography. The rhythmic gesture and movement within my work balances the often gritty and decayed surfaces with vibrancy and authenticity,” says Frank Morrison.

Frank Morrison
Beauty Mark, 2017
Richard Beavers Gallery

The exhibit is open from December 16, 2017 through January 28, 2018 at the Richard Beavers Gallery. Richard Beavers Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery with a collection primarily consists of artists whose work depicts various aspects of life in an urban environment through a multitude of genres.  The artwork is inspired by the culture of these communities and addresses the many social and political issues in the forefront of society. Richard Beavers Gallery aims to educate, inspire, and stir consciousness – whether you are a seasoned collector, art appreciator or merely have an interest in art, alike.

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