My Highlights from Design Miami/ 2013

Richard Wright
Nov 25, 2013 10:25PM

There are so many great choices that it’s hard to pick just a few. The theme running through my selections is timelessness. I was drawn to the works that epitomize the best of that designer’s output, as well as pieces I would love to live with. Who wouldn’t want a Calder brooch and a demountable house by Jean Prouvé?

I drew heavily on midcentury masterworks, from the sublime designs of Charlotte Perriand to the quirky ceramics of Fausto Melotti. Each one of the items I selected speaks of its moment of creation, but still feels fresh today. From the contemporary designs, I chose the Jong-sun Bahk’s “Trans-13-002” storage unit. This piece seems to express the same qualities in reverse. It is of today, but seems anchored in the sensibilities of midcentury modernism.

My selection:

Alexander Calder, Untitled brooch, 1940, at Louisa Guinness Gallery

Alexandre Noll, Walnut coffee table, ca. 1947, at Galerie Jacques Lacoste

Charlotte Perriand, Bookcase and Freeform desk, ca. 1955; ca. 1947, at Jousse Entreprise

Fausto Melotti, Vaso Civetta, circa. 1965 at Casati Gallery

George Nakashima, Weatherbee End Table, 1968 at Moderne Gallery

Jean Prouvé, Maison 8x8, 1948, at Galerie Patrick Seguin

Jong-sun Bahk, Trans-13-002 storage unit, 2013, at Gallery SEOMI

Ron Nagle, Stink Line, 2013, at Pierre Marie Giraud

My number one tip for a new design collector:

Buy what you love, learn about what you buy, and buy the best you can afford.

Designers to watch in 2014:

The field of Scandinavian design is going to continue to expand. We’re seeing that the seriousness of this material rivals the best of the French and Italian markets. Prices are bound to catch up.

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Richard Wright