Emerging Curator Competition - Frequently Asked Questions

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Oct 17, 2014 6:31PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my proposal have to do with the exhibition I will curate if I win?

The top three proposals will be posted on Artsy.net where the public will vote on the winner of the competition. The winner will have an online exhibition, based on the winning proposal, on the Artsy and Rauschenberg Foundation websites. Furthermore, the winner will collaborate with the foundation to curate a “live” exhibition at the student’s home institution using work from the Rauschenberg Foundation’s collection.

I’m confused about what works I can and cannot include in my submission?

You may include any artworks from Artsy Institutional partners that are not for sale. These are listed on artsy.net/institutions and include works by Rauschenberg as well as any other artists represented here.

I recently graduated, and am not currently enrolled as a student. Can I submit a proposal and if selected exhibit at the university I recently graduated from?

No, the Emerging Curator Competition is open only to current undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.

Can I submit a proposal with a partner?

All proposals must be submitted under one name. You may collaborate with another student, however, there can only be one winning student.

Can I request an extension to submit a proposal? 

We will not accept proposals past the deadline.

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