My Highlights from arteBA 2014

Rodrigo Alonso
May 13, 2014 12:38PM

arteBA is usually a crowded fair, so it’s very easy to get lost and miss some interesting artworks, particularly if you like the kind of small, modest, and silent pieces that I like. These don’t occupy the main walls so you have to discover them. But when you find them, you feel that the exhausting task of wandering around the fair has a purpose. As a curator, I like to establish connections among visual statements, formal solutions, and ideas. I don’t perceive isolated artworks. So the fair is also, to me, the ground for a journey led by curiosity, attraction, and heart. 

My Selection:

Miki Kratsman, Gaza 2001, 2013, at Chelouch Gallery 

Cecilia Bonilla, De la serie Covered, 2012, at Del Paseo  

Bruno Miguel, Série “A história é contada pelos vencedores” - Cia das Índias Versus Fox, 2013, at Galeria Emma Thomas

Slava Mogutin, Cadets of the Suvorov Academy, at La Fresh Gallery

Nicolás Gullotta, Caja Dorada I, 2013, at Nora Fisch

Amalia Pica, Intersecciones #6, 2013, at Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo 

Otto Berchem, With Tongue Of Wood (study), 2014, at Instituto de Visión     

David Lamelas, Energy, 1987, at Maccarone

Dean Monogenis, Revma, 2013, at Xippas Arte Contemporáneo           

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Rodrigo Alonso