My Highlights from Collective 2

Roman Alonso
Apr 27, 2014 8:53PM

These are things that call my name, some because I love the artist’s work, some because they are so beautifully crafted or demented or rare. The process is personal, and they are all things I would love to live with—is there any other way or reason to choose? 

My Selection:

Eliel SaarinenSet of dining chairs for Keirkner residence, Helsinki, 1907, at Modernity

Set of dining chairs for Keirkner residence, Helsinki, 1907

Donald JuddCorner Bench #53, 1990, at Nicholas Kilner

Corner Bench #53, 1990
Nicholas Kilner

Ico ParisiRare Studio-Built Console Table, circa. 1950, Donzella 20th Century Gallery

Rare Studio-Built Console Table, ca. 1950
Donzella 20th Century Gallery

Christophe CômeOblique Screen, 2003, at Cristina Grajales Gallery

Arthur Espenet CarpenterWishbone Chair, 1986, at Moderne Gallery

Wishbone Chair, 1986
Moderne Gallery

Philip ArctanderArmchair, 1940-1949, at Modernity

Armchair, 1940-1949

Poul HenningsenPH-4/3 Table Lamp, 1927, at Vance Trimble

Sebastian ErrazurizLampara de lagrimas, 2013, at Cristina Grajales Gallery

Lampara de lagrimas, 2013
Cristina Grajales Gallery

Frits HenningsenCurved armchair, Designed 1936, at Vance Trimble

Roman Alonso