My Highlights from Art Stage Singapore 2015

Artsy Editorial
Jan 15, 2015 4:05AM

I am selecting artists based on their academic value; my main focus is those artists invited by art fairs and museums, followed by the quality of the individual artworks. Asian artists are at the forefront, as this is an art fair focusing on Asian contemporary art.

My Selection:

Titarubi, Imago Mundi, 2013, at Galerie Michael Janssen

A leading female Indonesian artist, Titarubi has shown at the Singapore Art Museum and the Venice Biennale. This piece recalls her early practice of giving a voice to female experience or “Herstory.”

Ding Yi, Appearance of Crosses, 94-B75, 1994, at ShanghART

Ding Yi is considered a pioneer in Chinese art, eschewing traditional figuration for abstract patterns.

Zhang EnliThrum, 2014, at ShanghART


Zhang Enli is an eminent Chinese painter, who has been invited to many international art fairs, including the Yokohama Triennale and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

Jiang Pengyi, Intimacy, No. 5, 2014, at ShanghART

Jiang Pengyi is an important photographer from China with a great practice.

Jason Montinola, Tetragrammaton, 2014, at Artinformal

Tetragrammaton, 2014

This mysterious image recalls surrealism, while taking a contemporary approach.

Shinji Ohmaki, Echoes - Crystallization (Palace, Map) small, 2014, at Art Front Gallery

Shinji Ohmaki uses crystal powder not only in this work but also in installations that transform gallery spaces into absorbing environments.

Leandro Erlich, The Cloud (2014) Dog head, 2014, at Art Front Gallery

The Cloud (2014) Dog head, 2014
Art Front Gallery

Leandro Erlich is amongst the most prolific and renowned artists from Argentina. This piece is related to his exhibition “La Vitrina Cloud Collection,” shown at Sean Kelly Gallery’s 2012 Armory Show booth.

These great artists have been invited to many international biennales.

Lin Ju, Virility Revisited, 12, at Ting Keng Gallery / TKG +

Virility Revisited, 12, 2014
Tina Keng Gallery

Lin Ju has worked with prominent Taiwanese artist Chen Chieh-jen for many years. This work marks a shift in Ju’s practice, to paintings significantly more intimate in scale.

Charwei Tsai, We Came Whirling Out of Nothingness I-VIII, 2014, at Ting Keng Gallery / TKG +

We Came Whirling Out of Nothingness I-VIII , 2014

Tsai is an important artist, whose video installation related to this work was recently shown in Centre Pompidou’s “Formes Simples.”

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