Graziano Capitta‘Parked Like Serious Oysters’

Nov 17, 2015 12:45AM

by Wertical

On the occasion of the opening of ‘Parked Like Serious Oysters’ at the MMK Frankfurt, Wertical interviewed three promising Städel graduates: Graziano CapittaInga Danysz and Anna Lucia Nissen.

Referring to icons of the digital life, Graziano Capitta creates a language of his own that navigates in between popular culture symbols.

Your art in one sentence for people you have never ever seen it yet.

It’s a hybrid of the digital world.

You are making use of unusual techniques and are thus pushing the definitions of painting. What new approaches have you worked out for your pieces on show at ‘Parked Like Serious Oysters’?

The idea to dematerialize my drawings and re-materialize these informations back into paintings with the use of new media that always fascinated me. For the graduation piece I came up with a new body of work. Instead of the painted image, I decided to make use of the moving image and sound. The result is a video entitled “beta”.

What does it show?

Repetitive movements as well as organic and edited loops putting the viewer’s attention to the proof. It’s a test on our society that’s exposed to an overflow of information and images every day.

Where can we find you in the near future?

I am currently focusing on my music label under the name ‘suplex’ aka ‘suplexonflex’ which represents a variety of music producers and DJs. Besides music and sound, the label represents artists and friends from different creative fields.