Gallery Ilayda
Feb 28, 2014 1:50PM

One of İstabul's most respected representational art galleries displays a selection of works that visualizes the exciting and eclectic nature of contemporary figurative art. A new group exhibition at Gallery İlayda in Istanbul opens March 7 and will remain on view through March 30.

The present exhibition showcases new works from gallery artists Aysel Alver, Barış Cihanoğlu, Atilla Galip Pınar, Elvin Karaaslan, Nurdan Likos, Damla Özdemir, Gazi Sansoy, Caner Şengünalp, Işıl Ulaş and Özcan Uzkur.

Aysel Alver questions ‘Retro’ style within context of ‘Beauty-Ugliness’, ‘Fashion’ and ‘Trend’ by her sculptures.

Barış Cihanoğlu known with his distinctive art language and extraordinary view among contemporary young artists.

Atilla Galip Pınar is questioning “awareness” in his paintings which is a trendy topic nowadays.

Elvin Karaaslan The central theme of the artist’s work is the concept of perception.

Nurdan Likos emphazies the “womanhood” in her works, hitting the road with her own story.

Damla Özdemir is taking attention with her 3 dimensional collages.

Gazi Sansoy is joining the exhibit with his two parallel series which have rather different visual languages ​​and constructs, named as “Faceless”& “Miniature”.

Caner Şengünalp expresses  the results of socio-cultural and communal transformation triggered by rural exodus and the situations it causes in a 3 dimensional verbalism shaped with bronze, stone and wood.

We witness the stories of the Işıl Ulaş’s “characters” which comes from her chilhood or from now in her sculptures and painting.

Özcan Uzkur is consctructing “bodies” using lace.


The artworks on display will provide a diverse look at some of Gallery İlayda’s most successful artists till March 30th 2014.

Gallery Ilayda