Mythology on a Vase

Sandee Mandel
Aug 28, 2014 7:10PM

Want an interesting lesson idea? Have your students go through some of these images and research the myths that go with them. 


Divide group up by mythological families, research the story that each vase tells.

Can you find the 12 labours of Hercules?

How many gods and goddesses can you find? How do you know they are immortal vs. mortal?

Explain some of the symbols found on the vases in terms of their significance in mythology.

1.    What kind of vase is this?

2.    What was its use?

3.    When do you think it was produced?

4.    Analyze the vase in terms of its formal elements. Consider patterns, colors, use of space, exploitation of the shape.

5.    Analyze the vase in terms of its iconography. What kind of scene is being portrayed? What is the relationship between the scene and the vase’s function?

6.     Given examples of Greek ceramic vessels, students will create their own Greek “pottery” by drawing an   Amphora, Kylix, Krater, Hydrai or Oinichoe then creating a Greek mythological scene as decoration on

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