My Highlights from ADAA: The Art Show 2014

Sara VanDerBeek
Feb 27, 2014 9:58PM

I appreciate that The Art Show is always a wonderful opportunity to see works that are rarely seen, as well as brand new works by contemporary artists. I selected a range of work from the past and present because I think it is the great variety of work on view that is the strength of this show. 

My Selection:

Lee Krasner, PRESENT CONDITIONAL, 1976, at Robert Miller Gallery 

Sari DienesRed and Pink Birch, circa 1950, at Pavel Zoubok Gallery

I don’t often see the work of Sari Dienes, and am excited to see it here. She was an incredibly interesting woman, and her use of materials has always been an inspiration to me.

Martha Wilson, A Portfolio of Models - The Goddess, 1974, at P.P.O.W

Dana Schutz, Building the Boat While Sailing, 2012, at Petzel Gallery

I work in Dana’s former studio and think of her often. I am continually inspired by her and her work. I can’t wait to see more of her drawings at The Art Show. 

Laurie Simmons, Walking Glove, 1991, at Salon 94

I am a great admirer of Laurie Simmons and look forward to seeing this image in person. I really enjoy how when viewing this series of images, your sense of scale continues to change with each image and detail.

Ray Johnson, Untitled (Mozartoby Mug), 1974, 81, 1972, 85, 91, at Richard L. Feigen & Co. 

I always enjoy the layers within Ray Johnson’s collages. He had a great hand, wit, and persona. I have a sentimental attachment to him as well because he was a friend of my father’s back when they were both students at Black Mountain College, and when I think of Ray Johnson I think of their time together and the ongoing collage correspondence that they shared throughout their lives.

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Sara VanDerBeek