Sasan Nasernia
Jul 17, 2014 2:54PM

What is history? What role does it play in our lives? Does it have a living presence or is it just a corpse to be disposed of? 

As i started asking these questions about the last 200 years of history of Iran - my country, it appeared to me that history is not only a living entity but is constantly reappearing in today’s events. I decided to “write” my own version of history. In doing so, my personal recollections appeared as figures of the statesmen who shaped and significantly impacted millions of lives. The fact that became astoundingly apparent was that they all shared one common trait - they championed great changes, but the legacy they left behind was for what they did not achieve for many different reasons rather than what they promised to deliver.

Today what remains from their legacy, can be crystallized in their words, which are by definition, a symbol of their actions, left undone.

I let the words clash with their silhouettes, to form my narrative about them and their legacy.

Sasan Nasernia