Artist's Portfolio II

Jul 4, 2015 7:46AM

Mar. 18th - June 5th 2015 Koh Myung-keun, Kim Gi-cheol, Na Kim, Yoo Geun-taek, Han Sung-pil, Hong Soun, Hong Seung-hye (*Archive Lounge: 120 Portfolios of 69 Artissts and 27 Overseas Students) 

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

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Written by Curatorial Team, Savina Museum 

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Part 1. Open Portfolio

  • Participating Artists 

Koh Myung-keun, Kim Gi-cheol, Na Kim, Yoo Geun-taek, Han Sung-pil, Hong Soun, Hong Seung-hye 

1st floor

Han Sung-pil - Photography, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

Han Sung-pil has displayed consistent interest on the boundaries of “reality and illusion” in the digital era. In this exhibition, Han Sung-pil shares the production process of his Façade project and his recent photos taken at the North Pole. The exhibition features photographic films, photographs, the editing process of creating a workbook, and videos alongside his works, thus enabling visitors to gain clearer insight into the point of view, symbolisms, and techniques of the artist towards the object.

Koh Myung-keun - Photography Sculpture, Installation Art, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

Koh Myung-keun, who pioneered the field of photography sculpture, exhibits the changes in his works, starting with his first work featuring “buildings” as the theme, which was created in 1989, in comparison to his recent works from 2015. Alongside relevant photos, drawings, and videos, Koh’s artworks are displayed in a timeline. Visitors are given the opportunity to see the various records and processes involved in creating artwork, starting from his 1988 work, which combines mass and image, and the subsequent evolution into his work of the 2000s, which are characterized by the sense of space and transparency.

2nd floor

Hong Soun - Painting, Installation Art, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

Hong Soun presents a portfolio of work currently in progress. Some are raw material, others are combined together or undergoing the process of refinement, while others are presented in their completed forms. The work takes the sinking of the Sewol ferry as its theme; the artist recombines and wraps discarded objects collected near Paengmok Harbor and assigns new meaning and form to these objects. The exhibition is an extension of the greater project he has been pursuing since the 1990s; portraying the part and the whole, the center and the periphery. It is an effort to readdress the meaning of things left behind or to remember what is forgotten. The exhibition also offers a glimpse of his future projects.      

Na Kim - Graphic Design, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

Graphic designer Na Kim reveals the sketches that she has produced since 2006. By framing each sketch and presenting them as finished work, she points to the boundary of the design process and the preparations behind exhibitions, and its manifestation in her work. Viewed in the two different contexts of design and exhibition, these outcomes have been created and extended in various forms; through printouts, on the web, and at times in different spaces, reorganized with Na Kim’s original sense of aesthetics.


Kim Gi-cheol - Sound Art, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

The focus of Kim Gi-cheol’s work is the visualization of sound. Among the wide array of his experiments, this exhibition features his work on the “sound of rain,” in which the piece plays original soundtrack featuring rain recorded at Jongmyo Shrine in the spring of 1998, using two speakers and a screen. The sound was edited to fit the exhibition room at Savina Museum of Contemporary Art and is played with multiplex sound channels, naturally invoking the image of a raining landscape. 

Hong Seung-hye - Painting, Visual Art, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

Hong Seung-hye collects geometric paintings, colors, and texts that she has used in previous works during the last 20 years. The exhibition includes Outline, a collection of geometric figures she has used over the years; Debris, which is a symbol of her Debris series; Color Swatch, which incorporates colors she has used in her works into 81 cubes; and My English Lexicon, which disassembles the titles of her past exhibitions and reassembles them in alphabetical order. Also, by reorganizing her animated studies from 2003 and showcasing the process of her discovery and experiment towards the variation of figures that she pursues, the artist lays out the history of her work in a single space.    

Yoo Geun-taek - Painting, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

With a focus on his representative series Speed of Landscape, A Dinner, and Growing Interior, artist Yoo Geun-taek presents a portfolio that depicts the “behind-the-scenes story of the studio” or the “side behind the painting.” Visitors are led to encounter the attitude with which the artist comprehends everyday life and objects, by looking at his work process and various materials including his studies, drawings, sketchbooks, and photos. Furthermore, the exhibition displays the artist’s constant efforts to balance reason and emotion in his works.

Part 2. Portfolio Archive Lounge

Sixty-nine Visual Artists, Twenty-seven Overseas Students and A Display of 120 Portfolios (Art, Architecture, Design, Illustration, Concept Art, Dance, Music, etc.)

* Cooperating Organizations: Changdong Residency at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Nanji Residency at Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon at Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Gyeonggi Creation Center at Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, and the curatorial research platform meetingroom. 

Portfolio Archive Lounge, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

The Portfolio Archive Lounge is a venue in which visitors are given access to approximately 120 portfolios currently in use by artists of various fields such as resident artists, designers, illustrators, architects, game concept artists, choreographers, and composers. Furthermore, the portfolios of 27 overseas students, which were used for admissions interviews at art colleges in the E.U. and the U.S., provides insight into the formation of portfolios according to the characteristics and purpose of each genre.

  • Participating Artists 

* Art: Kong Sung-hun, Kim Seung-young, Noh Sun Tag, Ahn Chang-hong, Yang Dae-won, Chang Ji-a, Jung Bocsu, Jo Hae-jun, Donghun Kang, Woori Ko, Eunjin Kim, Insook Kim, Sunghong Min, Gwangsoo Park, Kijin Park, Mirae Park, Jaehwan Park, Hansaem Park, Sungmi Bae, Yoonhwan Bae, Sanghwan Byun, Jongjun Son, Sooyoung Song, Wonsam Shin, Raejung Sim, Yunsun Shim, Yuonki Baik, Sunah Oh, Taeckwan Oh, Mokyon Yoo, JUJU U, Hyungmin Yoon, Eun Lee, Seungchun Lim, Woonyung Ja, Taewon Jang, Gwanghee Jeong, Seokhee Jung, Daewon Cho, Jungpyo Hong, Sooyoen Hwang, Minah Son, Jaiyoung Cho

* Design: Kang eroon, Kim Eun-ji, Lee Dong-kyu 

* Illustration: Bom Roya, Hong Won-pyo 

* Game Concept Art: An Hong-il, Choi Gyu-seok 

* Architecture: Studio Gaon (Lim Hyoungnam, Roh Eunjoo) 

* Modern Dance: Choreographer Baek Howool 

* Modern Music: Composer Choi Hye-yeon 

*Overseas Students : Dongyoung Kim, Yoohee Kim, Seonhwa Kim, Jieun Kim, Hyunji Kim, Heekeun Kim, Youngsoo Bae, Eunyoung Seo, Minok An, Seungbin Yang, Minryung Lee, Sungmin Kim, Jaewon Lee, Jisu Eu, Jiwon Lee, Jinmyung Lee, Yoonjeong Rhee, Hyunsil Lee, Daeun Lim, Yoonseok Oh, Yueun Shin, Hyoseon Jang, Yoojin Jeong, Yoonkyung Jung, Hyeri Joo, Jungyun Choi, Yoomee Hwang

  • Introductions to Key Portfolios 

Noh Sun Tag - Photography, 2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

A portfolio shaped like a briefcase which contains images, related materials, objects, and collections used in the Really Good, Murder series. The portfolio was created to allow an easy grasp of the artist’s style and to be portable.

Jung Bocsu, Ahn Chang-hong, Yang Dae-won (from left) - Painting, 2015, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

A digital portfolio that sums up the artists’ motifs, created through digital archiving of the artists’ notes, photos, and drawings, which had been sitting in disorganized piles in the studio. 

Studio Gaon - Architecture,  2015, Installation view, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art

Portfolio made in scroll form to conveniently roll up and store the overlapping spaces and dynamics found in Korean architecture. A miniature building and photos of buildings already completed are included along with the scroll. 

Baek Howool - Modern Dance, 2015, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art

A portfolio that shows edited versions of all performances in order to clearly, concisely, and effectively convey the color and direction of one-time performance artworks. 

Lee Dong-kyu, Kim Eun-ji, Kang E Roon(from upper left) - Design, 2015, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art

Video, online, and PDF portfolios and interviews of graphic, motion graphic, and industrial designers who are currently active abroad.  

Portfolios of Overseas Students, 2015, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art

Online portfolios of 27 students currently studying in the U.S. and the E.U. in order to obtain degrees in various art-related fields such as fashion, architecture, fine arts, and design.