Cho Kwang Hyun : The Fish of Korea

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art
Dec 30, 2021 1:06AM

Savina Museum 4F

The Savina Museum of Art is hosting , which shows the achievements achieved in 15 years after starting work on miniature seawater fish in 2006.

In this exhibition, artist Jo Gwang-hyeon vividly embodied various fishes from all over the country that are gradually disappearing or at risk of disappearing and are difficult to observe directly in miniature paintings. It introduces 130 miniature paintings with precise observation, accurate expression, and beautiful colors, and concisely contains key information such as the name of the fish, ecological and morphological characteristics, and distribution, allowing visitors to learn more about the fish species living in the freshwater and seas near the Korean Peninsula. arousing interest in The artist obtained a scuba diving license to take photos and videos directly during the miniature work process, and experimented with underwater work for the first time in Munseom, Seogwipo, Jeju in 2012. In the water, there is little light, so the color of the fish is not clearly understood, and the fins are folded, making it difficult to clearly recognize the color and shape of each part. This is because most fish have a different color when they are in and out of the water, and unlike when they move in water, their body stiffens after they come out of the water.

After the first attempt at underwater work on Jeju Island, the artist also carried out underwater work with easels and canvases, brushes and paints, and cameras for video and photography in underwater explorations such as Dokdo, Palau, Bali, Indonesia, and West Papua New Guinea. He has also obtained a master's degree in marine biology, and is also conducting research on related expertise.

The aesthetic characteristics of the works produced based on the artist's tenacious exploratory attitude toward the marine ecosystems around the Korean Peninsula make people realize the preciousness of life and serve as a starting point for recognizing the importance of marine ecosystem conservation due to marine debris and climate change.

  • Host, Organization : Savina Museum of Contempoart Art, The Korean Art Museum Association
Savina Museum of Contemporary Art