Savina Museum of Contemporary Art's Digital Archive

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art
Dec 26, 2017 10:18AM

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art is well known not only for holding multidisciplinary themed exhibitions and introducing prolific artists with unique aesthetics and perspectives through invitational solo exhibitions, but also recognized as a steady online archive. Digital Museum is the section that the museum offers Virtual Reality Exhibitions and each exhibition’s e-book, the online catalog. This feature allows viewers to re-appreciate the exhibitions of Savina Museum anytime, anywhere without any limitations in time and space. Savina Museum of Contemporary Art offers total 23 virtual exhibitions and 52 online catalog.

Virtual Exhibition Link:

*note: Below video is an example of how the virtual reality exhibition looks like

Online Catalog Link:

*note: You can see each exhibition's online catalog by clicking each past exhibitions

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art