How often do you take a Selfie?

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art
Feb 6, 2017 8:30AM

           A survey for an exhibition <Condition of Selfie> to be held at                               Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in 2017

        Survey on Selfies and Taking Photographs in exhibitions

The worldwide phenomenon of "Selfie" is prevalent. Recently, people enjoy taking selfies not only in a daily life, but also in art galleries and museums, and upload to SNS. In April, Savina Museum will hold an exhibition <Conditions of Selfie> to interpret and visualize the phenomenon of this age.  

Prior to this, Savina Museum will collect various of opinions from you through this survey on the phenomenon of Selfie. This questionnaire will be used as an important material to prepare for the exhibition and will be visualized in the exhibition hall.

We will appreciate your active participation in the questionnaire in advance.

Click this URL to start the survey.

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art