Virtual Reality Exhibition

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art
Apr 24, 2020 9:13AM

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art has developed 'VR (Virtual Reality) Exhibition’ for the first time in Korea since 2012 and has built a total of 31 exhibitions as VR.

The VR exhibition expands the public's right to enjoy culture anywhere and anytime by providing free services to audiences who cannot visit the museum due to concerns from infection with COVID-19.

The VR exhibition is an online virtual reality exhibition. This is a non-face-to-face exhibition that allows you to enjoy cultural life without contacting others. With this VR, you can experience a vivid exhibition in three-dimensional view that cannot be seen without going to the real museum.

Through VR exhibitions, you can enjoy a variety of art works beyond time and space.

With the ‘Digital Museum - Virtual Museum’, it is able to have a vivid view of the exhibition and the entire space.


Savina Museum of Contemporary Art