3D PRINTING & ART - Creative Tool for Artists (2014. 5 .15 - 7. 6)

Aug 26, 2014 5:11AM

The exhibition [3D PRINTING & ART - Creative Tool for Artists] is the first trying exhibition in Korea that is one of the high-tech technologies and visual art area are converged as collaboration between 3D printing technologies and art. 

21 artists of various visual art fields such as media, installation, sculpture, painting, and design take part in the exhibition, and they are inspired by the shape and movement of 3D printers, the color of filament(a plastic material). These art works by 21 artists make people experience a mixture of feelings from two of their five senses.

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art directs the exhibition to experiment how 3D printers impact on artists and how it can be used as creative tools for artists. what's more, through the exhibition, audiences can be informed what a 3D printer is, various fields that 3D printers are used, and the methods making 3D objects. therefore, the exhibition can give the opportunity audiences to consider affects that 3D printers will bring out and experience blend-new visual arts by 3D printing technologies. 

The art works of the exhibition can be divided into 2 sections. The first section is[3D printers to realize artists' imagination]. 3D printers allow artists expand their imagination limitless. The artists in the first section create and display art works reflecting their creative ideas and point of view on society that 3D printer would change in the future. 

The second section is [3D printers as innovative replicating tools]. 3D scanners as high-tech tools to get 3D data are able to replicate any parts that human's sight sense can't detect. The artist in this section focus on the ability to replicate and restore that 3D printers have. They scan objects in our daily life or artifacts and display them.

As exhibition related education, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art holded the exhibition [3D PRINTING & ART] related semina on 17th June, 2014.  In this seminar, The issue of digital copyright by 3D printing technologies and 3D printing for now and future were debated among with the experts in various fields including law, engineering, and visual art.


Period  17th, June (Tuesday) 2014,  2-4pm

Venue  Audiovisual Room of Savina Museum of Contemporary Art (3 Floor)

Host     Savina Museum of Contemporary Art


1. Professor, Byong Sik Choi (College of Fine Art, Kyung hee Univeristy)                                                          

2. Professor, Hyung Doo Nam (College of Law, Yonsei University)

3. Professor, Keun Park (Department of Mecanical Design and Automation, Seoul National  university of Science and  Technology)


 1. Hye Won Kwan (the Artist of 3D PRINTING & ART)      2. Byung Ho Kim (the Artist of 3D PRINTING & ART)

The Seminar was broadcasted live for two hours online, and  now you can watch it by clicking the below rink.


"Due to several institutions' supports, Savina Museum could hold several education programs and workshop with several experts in 3D printing industrial and engineering fields and artists  What's more, they offered environments that artists of the exhibition can utilize 3D printers. Artists who have lots of expectation on 3D printing technologies should find out the negotiation with the machine while going through numerous trial and error. that's because 3D printers is influenced by environmental limitation such as temperature and often produce inaccurate results.However, there's no denying that 3D printers inspire artists' desire for creating and have a role in expending artists' imagination."

by Kang Jae Hyun, Chief Curator of Savina Musuem of Contemporary Art