Artist's Portfolio : How to create an effective art portfolio (2013.3.20 - 5.26)

Sep 5, 2014 7:54AM

To the artist, a portfolio is a vast array of documentaries that reflects one's consciousness, values, and aesthetic in a logical sequence. 

A portfolio's arrangement can vary depending on its purposes and its expected audience.

Because a portfolio is required in fine art, fashion, architecture, and design(where the individual's ability and sensitivity are one of the most important qualifications), the artist must create a compressed portfolio which can effectively convey his professional skill. 

The Portfolio could be an artist's diary, an imaginative novel, or a rhythmic poem that imprints the artist's name and characteristics in the viewer's mind as a vehicle to facilitate a better understanding of the concept and form of the artist's work. 

The participating artist's portfolios are not meant to be merely a collection of their works. they freely experimented with the format of the portfolio to exhibit their concepts in a way that reflects the distinct characteristic of the genre they choose. 

Participating artists use this exhibition as an opportunity to define the meaning of the portfolio, and, in the process, consider new ideas that could potentially be incorporated into their work.

Hyun Mi Yoo explores various genres: painting , sculpture, photography, and video. She has created a portfolio that showcases the process of artwork creation synthetically. Her project for this exhibition is based on a fictitious scenario in which she breaks into the museum and transforms its interior into painting. She has painted lighting fixtures, stairs, paintings, and various objects throughout the museum. The audience can fully experience her painting, sculpture, photography, and video.

Jong Gu Kim uses steel powder as his primary artistic vehicle and has attempted to create various genres with it. In this exhibition, he gathers works representative of each period in one place and arranges them in a way that showcases a broad spectrum at a glance. He has installed his works in timeline format which provides an opportunity to think about the continuity of his work as it has changed and evolved over time. It shows development and flow in his work with his primary medium, steel power that was created as a byproduct of carving steel.

Mioon(Min sun Kim and Moonsun Choi) is a media artist group that has been working on the visual translation on the crowd and individual. In this exhibition, they suggest a new form of portfolio. They have created miniatures of works from past ten years and put them in boxes in different sizes. The boxes are carefully arranged to give prominence to each artist's characteristics. The exhibited work's arrange makes it appear as if the sum total of all the works is actually one, single,unified work. Thus, Mioon presents a creative portfolio using the archiving concept.

We hope that this exhibition functions as a platform to understand each artist's aesthetic in depth and as a friendly  communication tool with which general audiences can approach contemporary art. 

Through the unique portfolios of forty-six international artists in the Archive Lounge, audiences can experience various methods, themes, and narratives of contemporary art and visualize the new form of the portfolio in the era of Memidea.

Kang, Jaehyun, Chief Curator