Hybrid Code (2011.2.28 - 4.15)

Oct 18, 2014 6:05AM

Today, ‘cross disciplinary artist’, ‘hybrid artist’ are increasingly entering and becoming common. They attempt to create the new, innovative, and experimental forms of expression using a wide variety of different fields. 

For this reason, the Savina Museum has organized the exhibition with consisting of cross disciplinary artists in order to explore their creative ideas and study of what ‘cross disciplinary art’ has to offer, redefining the notion of aesthetic and of what is meant by art. 

This exhibition is intended to retrace the hybrid phenomenon, in combination with art and other areas and to draw and interpret the artists’ own unique creativity; integration of art and other areas include architecture, psychology, life science and technology. Thus, the exhibition strives to seek the Korean contemporary art, currently creating a brand new art movement with new and unique forms inspired by other disciplines.

Furthermore, the workshop with experts including architects, scientists, and psychologists was held in order to step towards exploring these issues of integration. The exhibition is divided into three sections according to different themes.

Section 1 - ‘Psychological Mutant’ 

Consultation : Nam, In Sook (Psychologist) 

It was originally started with psychological motivation, but the exhibition presents artworks with variation and deformation forms using psychological tools such as dreams, trauma, and symbols. 

Section 2 -‘Expansion of Architectural Concept’ 

Consultation : Lee, Sang Lim(Space Group CEO)

The exhibition presents artworks that contain architectural attributes such as space, construction, and accumulation

Section 2-‘Life Science and Technology’ 

Consultation : Kim, Jae Wan (Association for Advancement of Scientific Culture)

The exhibition presents the new forms of artworks using science technology embedded in everyday life such as lasers, optical fibers, and smart phones.

Sponsors: Seoul Si, the Korean Science Cultural Association, the Creativity Engineering Institute, the Space Group