Social Network Art (2012.5.7 - 4.27)

Sep 20, 2014 4:20AM

Social Network Art - Art, The Change in Communication Method      (Mar 7 - Apr 27  2012)

                                     Kang Jae Hyun_Chief Curator

The number of Social Network Service (SNS) users has been drastically increased because of the popularization of the smart phone. The social network changes the communication culture in the current time.

How are these social changes influencing the visual art? What has changed in artists’ communication methods? The traditional visual art that the audience expects to see in an exhibition space divides the ‘creator’ and ‘viewer’. 

The Internet and IT technology enables the audience to interactively communicate with the artwork which is different than the one-way communication in traditional art. Moreover, artists who live in the Social Network time use the new tools that reflect the contemporary culture and explore various formats that lead to interactive communication with the audience.

started from a question about how the new wave based on SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs influenced the artists’ creative thinking and how it changed the visual art communication method. 

The main characteristic of social networks is considered interactive communication that is based on Sharing and Cooperation. The nine artists in this exhibition attempted to bring forth the conversation and to find a new active communication not limited to using SNS, but beyond conventional art. Each artist borrowed the social network concept and used it as a tool to create works in various ways.

Everywhere (Bang, Hyung-woo, Heo, Yun-sil) shows interactive media installation work. was created to allow the audience to feel the text of the cloud using a space sensor and delicate fabric hung on the wall. Everywhere’s work offers experiences to feel the nostalgic sensitivity of human beings through highly digitalized system.

Kim, Hyun Joo created a TweetBot through meetings with audiences who Tweet. In Modern times the tremendous amount of information and human networking that occurs via the Internet creates an isolation between people and amplifies feelings of emptiness and loneliness. The TweetBot, which were printed on the paper, hung on the wall as well as projected on a screen show short messages collected from Twitter and reflect the mentality of people in the present time. The TweetBot is a bridge to the people and online world and also is used as a tool to perceive the aimlessly floating emotions of the human mind.

Chun, Ji Yoon shows App Art through the iPhone and iPad in the show. For this exhibition, Jun released application and anyone who uses a smartphone can download it and experience the augmented reality in the Insa district, which is powered by GPS (Global Positioning System). The popularization of the smartphone, also called the 21st century mobile revolution, widely opens the artwork to public and leads audiences to the outside of the exhibition space.