THE DREAM OF DIASPORA by Son Bong Chae (Sep. 21 - Oct. 23. 2011)

Oct 14, 2014 8:36AM

Migration, Portraits of Modern People

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art holds solo exhibition by Son Bong Chae, who is one of the first generation of Korean kinetic art and show unigue'3D paintings' genre.

Through innovative genre called '3D paintings', the Artist reflects social phenomenon into existent sites and the image of nature.

The title of exhibition called 'THE DREAM OF DIASPORA'means separation resulted by farewell.Through 'landscape plants' which are pulled from their habitat and moved to other places.

The artist talks about the story of immigrants who leave their home country and struggle to adjust to new surroundings.Son Bong Chae's '3D paintings' are produced using 'polycarbonate' which is a kind of bulletproof glass. 

Five screens are overlapped and these screens are penetrated by LED. As the result of the creating process, painting can be formed as '3 dimension' structure.  

In this exhibition, his unique styles are expressed as installation art in exhibition hall, and the social and historical issues that he wants to mention effectively delivered to audiences . 


"I think. I paint contemporary people while watching landscape planting trees which take strong root within the center of a city as if I run and run again along this way in order to survive in this animal kingdom.

I am wondering if you feel the pain of landscape planting trees. I guess the appearance of every single tree, which contributes to the beautiful world in the center of the city, fastened with wires and IV injection to put down their roots can be probably the settlers, a picture of our appearances because that is who we are."

                                                  -Artist's Note-