'Today That Will be Yesterday By Tomorrow' by INKIE WHANG (2014. 3. 15 - 4. 27)

Aug 20, 2014 8:31AM

Today That Will be Yesterday By Tomorrow 

2014.3.15 - 4.27

Inkie Whang  has been recognized as one of the most notable Korean Artists in our time, expressing the idea using large scale Digital Landscape(Sansu) reinterpreting the traditional Eastern landscape paintings. He used modern industrial materials such as Lego blocks and beads to create his landscape and in this way he transfers the past to current. It also makes the city and nature, spirit and material, and east and west coexist. he has been fiercely working for the last forty years with endless self-examination, research, and self-transformation.

In this exhibition, Whang shows his critical view on the materialistic modern life and culture through installations focusing on the rough material itself rather than showing his signature digital landscape works.

Whang commented on the exhibition,

" It started from thoughts on the exhibition which happens as time passes, in other words, the interest in death." 

His idea is shown in the stacks of old and word-out goods turned into ghosts or artifact-like objects reflecting the psychological state of individual  as well as a group pf people who often experience anxiety. 

Ten exhibitions works in this exhibition are arranged in the exhibition space where the light is set very low in intention to be looked like the gallery full of artifacts. It stimulates viewers to contemplate on the time and material. Frames, bags, and books are installed as well as natural objects, light, and sound are juxtaposed in various ways. 

It is show the ways in which social and personal desires are transient in front of the passing time. Whang has experimented in the last couple years  with this idea and often used found objects in this work. 

His countless studio hours and contemplation on the material were resulted in these works. He shows his tireless attempt to communicate with the space in the exhibition and it differentiates this exhibition from the previous ones.

Jae Hyun Kang

Chief Curator,Savina Museum of Contemporary Art